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Denver Invisalign Teen Treatments

Invisalign Teen Treatment with a Satisfaction Guarantee

Dr. Levin is proud to be a Gold Plus Invisalign Provider. Many teenagers can be self-conscious about how braces might affect their smile or appearance and Invisalign’s clear aligning trays can help them get the Denver orthodontic care they need without impeding on how their smile looks. Invisalign has proven to be safe, effective, and reliable for helping many patients receive a straighter smile and it can help your teen.

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Designed to Allow to Keep Enjoying Your Life

Your teen can keep doing the activities they love without having to change because of brackets and wires, such as:

  • Playing sports where an oral injury could be made worse by traditional braces
  • Performing with musical instruments that require forming a seal around the mouthpiece
  • Being able to eat the foods they love without having to worry about them getting stuck in a wire

A Win-Win for Teens & Parents

Invisalign Teen allows for many teenagers to receive the orthodontic treatment they need to improve their teeth and bite without the unsightliness of other braces. It also allows for parents to know that their child is receiving high-quality orthodontic care that has many other patients with similar issues. At Lowry Orthodontics, our team will talk with you about what the best course of action will be for your teenager. We can have a frank and honest discussion about what treatment options best helps them with their oral health in the long term.

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our reviews

  • “A True Five Star Experience!”

    - Dustin S.
  • “I Never Thought in a Million Years I Would Look Forward to Going to a Dentist Appointment”

    - Jessica G.
  • “My Son Actually Enjoys Going to the Orthodontist!”

    - Shannon F.
  • “It Has Been a Fabulous Experience.”

    - Samantha T.
  • “Really Makes Trips to the Orthodontist so Nice for Kids and Adults.”

    - Lisa P.