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    • Why should I choose a Denver orthodontist at Lowry Orthodontics?
      We have specialized training and provide a high standard of patient care for those looking to straighten their teeth or correct issues with their facial structure. You can read more about  Lowry Orthodontics and our doctors before contacting us for an appointment.
    • Are braces only for children?
      Contrary to popular belief, no one is too old to get braces. In fact, about 25% of orthodontic patients are adults looking for a straighter smile and renewed self-esteem.
    • What’s early treatment?
      Early, or Phase One, orthodontic treatments occur on children between 7 and 10 years old. This treatment usually lasts for 12 to 21 months and is performed to address serious issues. After Phase One, your child will be monitored and you will be informed of future treatment options, which usually involves braces.
    • What if I have an emergency?
      Call our office if you are feeling high amounts of pain or if your braces break. If we cannot help you over the phone, we’ll make an appointment for you as soon as possible.
    • Should I brush my teeth more with braces?
      Generally, you should brush four times a day, or after every meal and before you go to sleep. We will teach you how to gently brush your teeth and how to floss, as well as prescribing fluoride if needed.
    • Are there foods I should avoid while I have braces?
      Our Denver orthodontist will give you a comprehensive list of food and drink to avoid while you have braces. This includes sticky or hard candy, gum, ice, and raw vegetables that can gum up or break your braces.
    • Should I still make appointments with my regular dentist while I have braces?
      Regular checkups are very important to your mouth’s health, with or without braces. Your family dentist can give you more information about how often you should be seen for a cleaning.
    • Can I still play sports with braces?
      Of course, we just recommend that you use a mouth guard to protect the orthodontic work and your new smile.
    • Does your office use recycled braces?
      Never! Every patient gets a new set of braces designed specifically for their mouth.
    • Are any shots needed?
      Orthodontic procedures do not require any shots.
    • Can my child go back to school after an appointment?
      Yes! It’s perfectly safe and encouraged.
    • Does having braces hurt?
      In general, braces do not hurt, however, after an appointment where the braces were tightened, the patient may be a bit sore. Usually, this is easily treated with Tylenol or other over the counter pain relief and most patients feel no discomfort at all.
    • Can I drop my child off for their appointment?
      We understand your busy schedule and will always try to accommodate it. At Lowry Orthodontics, we are happy to have your appointment with your child while you take care of other issues outside our office. We just ask that you check in with your patient manager before leaving your child.
    • How frequently are appointments needed?
      Most individuals with braces will need to be seen by our Denver orthodontist every 5 to 10 weeks, but there are circumstances which may require additional appointments and monitoring.
    • What are my options for paying for braces?
      Lowry Orthodontics will explain all costs before we perform any orthodontic procedure. We offer numerous financing options to fit your budget and some insurance policies cover part of the cost. We can help you file your dental insurance claim.
    • How long do treatments usually take?
      Again, the answer depends on your specific circumstances, with most patients completing orthodontic treatment within 12 to 30 months.
    • I need braces. Do I have to get teeth removed?
      The answer depends on your specific situation. Depending on the amount of space in the mouth, you may have to remove a tooth or two to achieve a straighter smile. However, with advances in orthodontics, this is not always necessary anymore.
    • What are you looking for during an initial exam?

      We will look for a few basic things:

      • Is there a problem and what is it?
      • How can we fix any issues?
      • Do we need to remove any teeth?
      • What are treatment options and how long will they take?
      • What is the cost of the treatment?
    • What happens during an initial orthodontic appointment?
      After you contact Lowry Orthodontics, our office staff will contact you for some basic information. You will then be asked to come in at a time that works for you. Our Denver orthodontists will then take x-rays and photos as well as completing a comprehensive exam to diagnose any issues. You can learn more by visiting our page on what to expect during your first visit.
    • But won’t teeth straighten out when they grow in?
      Unfortunately, no. This is because as more teeth grow in, the available space in the mouth decreases, causing the potential for more misalignment.
    • How long should I wait before scheduling an appointment for my child?

      It is recommended by the American Association of Orthodontists that you schedule your child’s first screen when they are seven years old. Generally permanent teeth have come in by this age and our Denver orthodontists can better assess any conditions.

    • Does my family dentist need to schedule my orthodontic appointment?

      While many patients to Lowry Orthodontics come via referrals, you can schedule an appointment for yourself. Call us at (303) 366-9090 today!